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Kasur Anti DBD + Perlak Kuma Kuma - Air Balloon Cream Rose


Our innovative baby bed with a mosquito net! It is adjustable, washable, and comes with a protector pad to further provide protection and comfort for your baby!


Bedding set that is designed to protect and comfort babies during sleep time. Equipped with adjustable and nicely looking mosquito net, it prevents mosquito and other insects from biting your baby. Very recommended to use especially in the tropical weather.

Set kasur yang dirancang untuk menjaga bayi tetap aman dan nyaman saat tidur, karena dilengkapi dengan kelambu sehingga terlindung dari gigitan nyamuk dan serangga. Sangat disarankan dipakai terutama di daerah tropikal. Bahan meaterial Cotton Aussy Premium, Busa Silikon, dan Dakron Premium.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 85 × 60 × 10 cm

Cream Rose


85x60x10 cm


Premium Cotton Aussy, Busa Silikon, Premium Dacron


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